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Dave thedrawingguy

We have the Roku 3, and it's definitely the best by far. One thing we also found out is that if you have a wifi connected android phone, you can download an app that makes your phone a Roku remote. It's particularly cool because as a remote, it does something the real Roku remote doesn't... it has a keyboard for searching! Plus, of you have multiple Roku units, the phone remote can be programmed for all of them. There's a cool interface where you select which unit you want to control, and off you go.

Jill Adlawan

I've been researching the media streamers recently. Due to many complaints I've read about Roku HD's recent upgrade to their interface I thought after reading Apple TV's review my decision would be to go with Apple. However, having just read this review on Roku 3 I have a few questions. Does the menu screen where all the channels are shown on the Roku 3 reflect these gigantic ads that Roku HD's users are all complaining about too? Some users are very mad, commenting the ads overtake practically the entire page. Also, is it true that you can see some episodes of TV shows without commercials? Any answers will be greatly appreciated! Thanks


Jill: I have two Roku 2s. I absolutely LOVE the new interface. The old one was so bad, I was considering an AppleTV. The ads are bigger with the new software, but so is the user interface. The old version did not take advantage of the screen real estate well with a single row of installed apps, so if you had more than 15 or so apps, installed, you had to do a lot of scrolling to get to the one you were looking for. Renew version uses a grid-style app menu, which is what I thought they should have used to begin with. The ads are about as intrusive as the ad on the right side of this page. It's off to the side, and doesn't hinder you from doing anything.

C Michael Miglore

The original ROKU did NOT have a power ON/OFF switch which it badly needed! So far as I know, no ROKU since has a power ON/OFF switch either! Why?!



The new Roku 3 offers some interesting features for sure, but I will stick with my Apple TV. Why? Airplay. It's seamless interaction with my Mac, iPhone and iPad is the closest thing to perfect I've seen.

Just sayin...


Oh, and no ads on Apple TV


I have both! Apple lacks some content but functions with fewer hiccups and offers airplay and integration with other cloud services I use. The interface is also better than the current one my Roku uses.

Roku, OTOH, has way more content, especially foreign news etc. It also has Pandora!


Airplay. That, in and of itself, is the reason why AppleTV kills everything else in this category. Especially when you have a 5 GHz network and iTunes, iPads, iPhone 5 devices, or iTouch 5 devices to stream everything from. The menu system for accessing a USB stick or hard drive in the 2XS or 3 is clunky by comparison.


The author demonstrates why it is a dumb idea to buy download movies: they are not platform independent.

Jeff Bellin

Nicolas, you are so right. I've never understood why people buy any video content unless it's: hard to find via streaming, a great price or something they expect to watch multiple times per year. Always nice to have a few things to watch when no net connection is available, but other than that, I don't know why people are sending all their disposable income to Apple, Amazon, Vudu, etc.


I want to get the Roku, but I thought you had to get Roku 3 version if you have HDTV. I care not for the earphone feature nor games. Also, if I use an ethernet cord in the Roku, do I still need a router? If I do, can it be set up near my TV with the Roku box or do I need to attach it to my desktop computer in another room. I do not know how to hook up everything, but need to know what to buy.

Thanks for any response.

Ryan Downey

Lucy, you can get all the versions of Roku for an had TV, but the Roku 3 is a very good investment bc it has by car the best hardware. Having owned its predecessor the Roku XS and now the Roku 3 I can say for certain that there has been a big leap with this product.


As soon as Apple TV gets an Amazon Video app capable of Prime Streaming, I will dump my Roku 3. The ATV is just a more polished interface.


As soon as Apple TV gets an Amazon Video app capable of Prime Streaming, I will dump my Roku 3. The ATV is just a more polished interface.


Roku cannot mirror your pc or mac to the tv. This is a major disadvantage of roku over apple tv which supports airplay and Air Parrot which is available to pc users and older mac computers that don't support airplay. having used both AppleTV is by far superior.

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